Sacro-Occipital Technique

Sacro-Occipital Technique

(SOT) is a chiropractic technique developed to restore a functional relationship between the head, the pelvis, and the spine – a structure that envelopes and protects our central nervous system. Our central nervous system is the “control center” for our bodies and it is because of its intimate relationship to the spine and structures that surround it that makes SOT such a profoundly effective technique. It is also known as a more “light,” or gentle, method of chiropractic adjusting.

From an SOT perspective, the pelvis is the foundation for proper spinal alignment. Proper alignment and range of motion support nervous system integrity. However, like the rest of our body this foundation is constantly subjected to the pull of gravity and life’s other strains. As a result, stability is sometimes lost and the effects are felt throughout the body due to the distortions of the head, spine, connective tissue and nervous system.

We see human health as an integrated, complex, and holistic system. When one part of the system is distorted the whole system is thereby affected. Likewise, the bones of the skull and tension on the spinal cord affect every cell and tissue of the body via its close association with the central nervous system. Homeostasis is the basis of the body’s inherent self-healing abilities. SOT is a technique used to promote homeostasis in order to allow for optimal structure and function.

During an SOT treatment, SOT “blocks,” or wedges, are positioned precisely under the pelvis. The patient’s body weight and gentle pressure from the practitioner help to make corrections of misalignment and to restore function to the nervous system. SOT is known for safe consistent results emphasizing patient comfort.

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  • normalizes the function nervous system
  • removes torsion to uterus
  • pelvic alignment
  • balances pelvic muscles & ligaments

We offer the activator method at our clinics

SOT stands out due to its holistic approach, focusing on the connection between the spine’s base and the skull. It combines gentle spinal adjustments with cranial and organ therapy, using special positioning blocks for a unique and effective treatment experience.

No, SOT is a gentle and non-invasive technique. Most patients find the treatment comfortable and relaxing, with no discomfort during or after the session.

Yes, SOT is not limited to spinal problems. It’s also effective in treating issues like TMJ disorders, digestive problems, and stress-related conditions, offering a more holistic approach to overall health.