Our Approach for Disc Herniation Treatment

Dealing with a disc herniation can be quite challenging, as it often brings intense pain that can unexpectedly worsen. This condition can be extremely distressing and cause a lot of worry. While the severity of the pain might lead to thoughts of surgery, it’s encouraging to know that discs can heal under the right conditions. Often, surgery isn’t the primary recommendation for disc herniations, but it may become necessary based on the gravity of the injury and the specific symptoms you’re experiencing.

It’s crucial to remember that this information doesn’t replace a personalized consultation with your chiropractor. Each case of disc herniation is unique and requires a tailored treatment plan. Understanding how your injury occurred is also vital, as addressing the root cause is essential to prevent recurrence. Our clinic offers a comprehensive and individualized approach to effectively treat disc herniations. We encourage you to schedule an appointment or consultation to discuss your specific needs

  • faulty postural stresses
  • postural straining movements
  • nutrition
  • spinal hygiene

Our Approach for Disc Herniation Treatment

Poor eating habits will also need to be addressed to help expedite your healing. Excessive systemic inflammation along with inadequate nutrients will make healing next to impossible. Your quality of foods can make a dramatic difference in how fast you heal and that is why we provide nutritional consultations to help sure up your diet. In general you should avoid sugar, grain, and dairy to help minimize inflammation, acidic pH, and to help maximize your immune system.

This is a huge category, as faulty postural stresses will accumulate and cause injury. Your spinal hygiene amounts to the way you move your back. This shows when you move from sitting to standing, lying down to sitting, and so forth. The center of your disc contains fluid, similar to a waterbed. Imagine putting pressure on one side of a waterbed, the result is the other side become larger. This simple analogy is what happens to your disc when you transition from movements, which causes stress and injury to your disc over a period of time. Keeping a neutral  spine through these movements is very important. Repetitive improper flexion of the spine will eventually cause a disc bulge.

All categories of disc herniation treatment are important! Especially when it comes to exercise. Our approach is separated into phases that are appropriate for the level of pain and function in the individual. Form is king in this realm, as a properly executed cat-cow will always be better and safer than a poorly executed exercise. We also place a large emphasis on finding a neutral spine and combining this with proper breathing patterns into Foundation Training.

Other than educating you about some of the aforementioned categories, we have a variety of hands on treatment options to help you heal. Some of the more impacting treatments for disc injuries other than chiropractic adjustments, include flexion distraction therapy, active release therapy, graston technique, and dry needling. A large factor in our success with disk bulges is the generous amount of time that you will get with the doctor. We will also help teach you proper exercises.