Maximized Results With X-Ray Screening

Our clinic’s got a top-notch digital x-ray setup, which is great for checking out bone and muscle issues. We’ve got this fancy high frequency x-ray tech that helps us and other clinics nearby give awesome care. It’s super handy for our patients who need an x-ray. Not every backache needs an x-ray, but when it’s necessary, we’ve got a top-quality machine right here. These x-rays are super clear, and we’ve got some high-end software that helps our chiropractors figure out what’s going on. The software makes images sharper and clearer, and it’s got special features that let our chiropractors explain things better to our patients.

Having an x-ray machine on site means we can take better care of you. It’s really useful for serious spine problems or injuries from accidents. We also specialize in treating car accident injuries like whiplash, which is sadly pretty common these days with all the traffic from our busy economy.

  • neck pain
  • back pain
  • headaches
  • sports injuries
  • auto accident injuries
  • Whiplash accidents

Maximized Results With X-Ray Screening

It is estimated that 30% of people that get whiplash end up with chronic pain. This is because of the unique nature of the injury that is created by a car accident and poor treatment approaches. The collision of a car traveling only 6.6mph rear ending a car at a stop creates over 10 G’s of force to the occupant. This quick acceleration creates sprains to the spine. A sprain is a tear in a ligament and the spine has a multitude of ligaments that help support the function of the spine. When a spinal ligament does get damaged, the stability of the spine becomes compromised. Severe grade III sprains require surgery.

All car accident injuries such as whiplash need special x-ray views that most facilities do not take. A should be standard when it comes to whiplash injuries is a series of x-rays referred to as a Davis Series which requires 3 views in the lateral aspect that include a forward bend and a backwards bend. These 3 views can help demonstrate ligamentous damage to the spine.

We go above and beyond the should be standard and also take 2 additional views of the C1-C2 segment to help determine the integrity of this very important segment.

If our x-rays show any significant spinal ligamentous injury we submit our images to a company that has specialized software that interprets the degree, location, and severity of any spinal ligamentous injury. This helps determine the exact location of the injury that will help our doctors pinpoint the type of treatment you’ll need to recover from your car accident injury. This also helps supports the medico legal implications of such an injury to give you a just settlement.

Besides routine x-rays for our patients, we also extend our unique approach in determining spinal ligamentous damage to all other surrounding clinics.