Our offices focus on chiropractic care; however, they are rapidly expanding to include other vital medical services that work in conjunction with chiropractic care. Connected Health Centers offer a comprehensive solution to improving and maintaining health for families all over the United States.


Chiropractic care focuses on adjusting sublaxations in the spine that create a variety of health problems. By examining X-Rays and focusing on adjusting the impacted areas, our chiropractors are able to help relieve headaches, back pain, and other health problems.


We create innovative dietary supplements in answer to individual feedback from our licensed healthcare practitioners and patients. We directly partner with a formulator with a quarter century of experience. This has proved to us the value of our personal attention to every detail and patient, and this is one of the reasons for our success.


Massage is considered by Connected Health an important part of complementary and integrative medicine. We offer massage along with standard treatments for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Studies of the benefits of massage demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

Functional Medicine 

Modern technology and therapies allow the body to heal itself. Our centers use cutting edge treatments while partnering alongside our patients to help them live fully Connected Lives.


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