Who Are We?

Connected Health Centers were built to be a revolutionary, disruptive force in healthcare. We envision a monumental shift in the way we look at total and complete health. With an emphasis in neurological and spinal correction, we strive to walk with our patients into a fully connected, amazing life. With thousands of patients walking through our doors with very little hope that their health can get any better, we journey hand in hand with them to dynamically impact their overall life and health.

Through our specialized treatment and care, our patients are finding the freedom and are able to leave behind the things that have robbed them from living a full amazing connected life.

I was having major back pain due to a curved spine. I’ve been into Dr. Christopher’s office twice now and he and his amazing staff are a breath of fresh air. Dr. Christopher explains everything in-depth and is very flexible with scheduling. He is very personal when it comes to making sure you are treated like family! Heck, they even shut down the whole office just for you depending on the service!!

– Reagan Landry


Break free from the lie that your best years are behind you. Your LifeGiving doctor is committed to finding the exact root or cause, instead of masking symptoms. We take the time to educate, explain and empower YOU to make the best decision of your life. It’s what’s most important to us.

Love Your Life

Don’t think you have to be in pain or taking medications to visit us. Our passion is for you to love your life again! We want to reignite what’s been off. You’ll enjoy every aspect of your life again. Your marriage will change, your parenting, your work, your weekends.